The most popular languages ​​from the Github Octoversy

Now is the time to take a look at the Github Octoverse! Will the most popular computer languages ​​be the same?

And the ranking is… Drum roll…

- JavaScript
- Python
- Java
- TypeScript
- VS#
- PHP (php programming)
- C ++
- VS
- Shell
- Ruby

Overall, we find the same languages ​​as in the TIOBE ranking, even if they are not necessarily in the same place. The best example is JavaScript, which ranks number one in GitHub's ranking, while it is seventh in the TIOBE index.

Another important difference: TypeScript, completely absent from the top 20 of the TIOBE index, ranks 4th in GitHub's popularity index. Not surprisingly, given the language's youth and its growing popularity among JavaScript developers.


As you can see, JavaScript, Python and Java seem to be in the top three.

C # is seeing its popularity on the rise, while C ++ is not. The Shell remains fairly stable, and Ruby, which has suffered a heavy fall in recent years, is tending to stabilize.

Conclusion on the popularity of languages

If we look at the figures given by TIOBE and Github, the most popular languages ​​would therefore be: Java, Python, C #, C ++, C, Javascript and PHP; However, you have to keep an eye on TypeScript, which should soon make its debut at TIOBE.

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