Web app : The best practices

As the mobile sessions are more numerous, the behavior of users becomes more and more demanding. Waiting times must be shortened by consulting a website and features must be easy to use.

Mobile devices are also a showcase of the Web as on computers and the principles applied on the Web are found in the mobile php website development design.

A few basic rules

Always keep in mind that SEO is essential. Obvious principle, but always to remember.

-Use of downstream rather than upstream analytical tools to effectively manage the behavior of the user.
-It is necessary to compress content before sending.
-Choose a unique URL address.
-A non-JavaScript variant would be useful to predict.
-RESS will increase the reactivity of the mobile interfaces.
-Mobify.js, among other examples, is intended for the destination of bookstores.
-Approved markup DOCTYPE is XHTML Basic. This code is one that behaves best on mobile devices without forgetting to notify the character encoding.
-If you can, avoid too many cookies to facilitate the loading of the web publication.
-Share the administration of the application between terminals.

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